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This website at UUFlorida.org is, first of all, meant to be a focal point for radio and print advertising coordinated for member congregations. It was inspired by the good work of the Kansas City UU Cluster. For a look at what other UU Clusters do in San Diego, California, Houston, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

All this is a visible facet of a rather extensive UUA new membership program now called "The Uncommon Denomination sm."

A single reference to uuflorida.org gives visitors an introduction to who we are, how to connect with our 11 congregations. Here is our "Front Parlor" in which we receive our visitors, spiritual seekers and the curious.

We put together an order to MakeStickers.Com for 250 3"x10" bumper stickers for $169.95 using the following edited design:

The bumper sticker looks best when it is created from a scan made at 600 dpi resolution. See our templates. 500 stickers would cost us $450.

Second, this website servers a resource to Florida UUs showing how our Southeast Florida Cluster of the UUA does operate.

A visit to SEUUCluster.org/events.htm provides contact information, coming cluster events, and media resources. Here is our "Kitchen" where we invite our friends to join us in cooking up all the things that we do.

Our web hosting is free through the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale. They pay $8.50/month to GoDaddy for their own site and get the option of including extra sub-domains for free. They give us one of these domain hostings which we use here as uuflorida.org.


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